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KC Strip Steak

KC Strip Steak

Two inch-thick steaks per package (avg. 1 lb), enough for two people.
$22.50 /lb.
Avg. 1 lb.
  • 14-Day Dry-Aged Beef
  • Grain-Finished 
  • No Added Hormones 
  • 100% Nebraska Raised 
  • Great for steak lovers 

Also known as New York Strip Steak or Ambassador Steak.

KC strip steak comes from the short loin area. The tenderloin is removed, leaving the strip loin, which is then cut into beautiful steaks with a cap of fat around the meat. Usually boneless, KC strip steak takes only a few minutes to cook so it's perfect for a quick, nutritious dinner that still feels indulgent. 

To make the best KC strip steak, we recommend adding the steaks to a hot pan with a generous pat of good butter or olive oil. Sear the meat for 3-4 minutes on each side, then let the steaks rest for 5-10 minutes so all of those flavorful juices are retained. 

76 Cattle Co.’s premium beef is locally raised on our family farm in Nebraska. Our expertly dry-aged beef is USDA-inspected before it reaches your family’s table, guaranteeing nourishing meals you can depend on.

Two inch-thick steaks per package (avg. 1 lb), enough for two people. 


Locally raised, dry aged beef.
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