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Welcome to 76 Cattle Co.

We provide delicious, local, farm raised, grain finished, affordable beef. Directly from the farm to your table. We use our cattle to improve our cropping soils, fix carbon, and feed our community.

There are just too many meat choices at the store. Different labels, so many words and options. If you’re like most people, they’re confusing and you’ve got no idea what you’re truly buying. Store bought meat is lower quality and often has nasty and unnecessary stuff added.

It’s overwhelming and I get it. When we were away from the farm and had to buy store beef, Yuck! I avoided it at all costs and our diet suffered greatly. Because we weren’t getting vital protein to nourish our bodies properly. I couldn't wait to get back to the good beef at home.

Our calves are raised without added hormones. We grain finish our cattle, but don’t push them to gain quickly. We feed probiotics to aid calves in maintaining health, instead of antibiotics. Our calves spend less time on the trailer, reducing stress and boosting quality of beef coming to your freezer.

Our beef contains nothing extra and comes from one animal at a time instead of large groups, as you would find in the grocery store. It is dry aged 14 days before being frozen to maintain freshness. You can rest assured the beef you buy has been raise respectfully and with tender loving care by us.

We strive to take care of what has been entrusted to us, both animal and land. We steward and care for both land and animal, by making sure nutritional needs are met, from the soil up, to bring you the best wholesome product we can. All while creating a sustainable foundation for generations to come.

We are the 4th generation on the family farm. We are raising our kids on the farm teaching them how to properly care for animals and crops. Currently, 2 generations work daily together to tend the diverse farm operation, with the youngest generation tagging along whenever they can.

Our freezers are filled with our own beef, because we know the difference in taste and quality. So do our kids.

Fill your own freezer with farm fresh beef by shopping our store

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