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Can ground beef really taste that different?

written by

Cassandra Row

posted on

November 6, 2023

Guess what most of our customers tell us?

“Your ground beef is so much better than the store!”

It’s true.

Here’s why…

# 1 Our product is better to begin with. Good taste starts with good quality meat.

# 2 Our beef is aged differently. All beef is aged before it gets to you, the consumer.

The stuff in the store is aged on the dissembling line and in shipping (called wet aging).

Our stuff is aged 2 weeks in the cooler before it’s cut up and frozen (dry aging).

Dry aging means the natural enzyme that helps break the proteins down makes your beef more tender and taste better.

# 3 Our beef is truly  beef.

 It’s ground vacuum packed and frozen only.

Did you know?

In 2020 a law was passed allowing packers to add different proteins to the beef which means it wasn’t pure beef anymore.

Not to mention, the other additives that make it stay looking pretty and pink.

Isn’t that scary?

There’s so many options in the store for ground beef too.

 90/10, 83/17, etc.

What the heck does it all mean?!?

The numbers represent the amount of fat in the ground beef.

For example 90/10 is 90% beef and 10% fat.

That means in 10 pounds of 90/10 ground beef, you’re actually only getting 9 pounds of beef.

How shocking is that?

Packers blend fat back into the meat to make the different percentages and stretch the meat even further. 

Okay, enough about that now.

When buying direct from a farmer the fat %% is approximated.

Why? Because we don’t mix and add fat into the beef.

The meat is ground as is from the cuts that were too tough or not wanted as roasts.

Which means our beef is more tender and we actually save the good meat.

The meat is usually around 85% or better in our beef.

So it tastes scrumptious.

We promise.

PS Shop our store for delicious ground beef straight to you

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